About Us

Bring the nail salon home with our luxury press on nails. Each set is handmade with love & care, so you can look like you just got a fresh set from the salon!


Meet the CEO

I created Mani Bee in the space of my living room during COVID. I got the idea because I loved getting my nails done but I couldn't due to the salons being closed. I'm such a diva I was devastated. I then got the bright idea to start doing my own nails with dip powder after watching my nail tech do mine. First of all, it came out horrible on my first try but I was happy that my nails were done. As time advanced, I got better and decided to start Mani Bee as a DIY dip powder company. It was fun for a while, but I craved more creativity and with dip powder it was limited. I then ventured into turning my company into a Press on Nail business and have been expressing my creativity ever since. I can create whatever I want without restriction and the possibilities are endless. Press Ons became ideal for me even after the salons opened because they last just as long, healthier and faster for my busy life. I never knew Press Ons could be so high quality until I started doing them of course! I love all things creative, and I love nails what a great business idea!